How AlternaSweets Stevia Sweetened Ketchup Saved My Mom

A Customer Story

Recently we received an email from a customer. It’s a reminder that food matters to health. We’re thankful our Stevia sweetened, low carb sauces can make an impact like this. Thank you for writing to us.

“Dear Jared and Misti,

Stevia Sweetened Ketchup Saved My MomMy mom (age 73) has had heart issues for years now.  She suffers from congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, and recently atrial fibrillation. I’ve learned, eating a keto diet has been shown to help heart health. At my urging, she began eating ketogenically about five months ago. She now weighs 35 pounds less!

While she’s doing the right thing for her health, we can’t undo the damage that’s already been done to her heart. Unfortunately, two weeks ago she suffered a stroke after having had heart surgery just weeks before. She was in the hospital for a week and is currently in a rehab facility for therapy.

What the heck does this have to do with AlternaSweets?

Healthy eating promotes healing. Duh. Everyone knows that. To her credit, my mom stayed on her ketogenic diet while she was in the hospital and even now while in rehab.

When you’re sick, you already don’t feel like eating, especially when it’s institutional food – blended, mashed, chopped to smithereens. To help her stay keto while she’s been sick, I’ve been bringing her healthy fats and no sugar, keto friendly foods. 

I wanted you to know your low carb Stevia Sweetened Spicy Ketchup (her favorite) and BBQ sauce made the crappy hospital eggs tasty so she could actually eat. She added your sauces to the unappetizing (is that chicken? Liver?) meats served at dinner and it made it more manageable for her to eat. 

So…while you are in your world cranking out ketchup and BBQ sauce, I wanted you to know what you do helped saved my mom.  Your products allowed her to eat (and enjoy the taste!) to regain her health.

You may not always see it, but your sauces make a difference in the world. 

Thank you for everything you do.  Cindy and Annmarie  – Phoenix, AZ”

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