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AlternaSweets Ketchup

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We take the wholesome taste of vine-ripened tomatoes, a perfect blend of flavorful spices, and the natural sweetness of stevia, to create a rich, robust taste that captures a wonderful balance between sweet and tang.

Your whole family is going to love this low carb ketchup (yes, even the kids). If you don’t, we give you your money back. No need to send it back.

Ingredients: Tomato Paste, Water, White Distilled Vinegar, Erythritol (Natural Sweetener), Sea Salt, Onions, Spices, Paprika, Stevia Extract, Garlic.

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Our no sugar added ketchup is a perfect pantry staple. With only 1 net carb, you’ll want to add this to everything. It’s perfect for ketogenic eating, Paleo, Atkins and low sugar diets. Use it as a base for other sauces like thousand island dressing and cocktail sauce, even soups and chili dishes.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. This ketchup is effin delicious (better then heinz)! I’m on a low carb diet (20g per day) and I missed eating ketchup with my bunless burgers. This product has brought some deliciousness back into my life without consuming sugar/high fructose corn syrup. Thanks Alterna Sweets! – Chug, Recent 5 Star Review

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15 reviews for AlternaSweets Ketchup

  1. Kent O

    I’m on a low carb diet, and love ketchup. Have tried several low sugar ketchup products. This one, in my opinion, is the best on the market. Like I said, might not be the ‘real’ thing….but it’s close.

  2. Sarah G

    This is some of the best Ketchup I’ve had! I use it on everything from burgers to fries to my son’s chicken nuggets! My son is a picky eater and loves this stuff!!!

  3. Andrea B

    I just tried the ketchup and it’s the best I’ve ever tasted in my life. I’ll definitely buy again and recommend to my friends.

  4. Ken A

    This it’s better flavored ketchup than the big “H” brand!

  5. Yvonne J

    I am following a very strict Keto diet and thought that I would never be able to have ketchup again. Your ketchup is not only Keto compliant but it is so delicious! I would definitely buy a case of this stuff.

  6. Matt

    This ketchup is great. I’m diabetic and I eat ketchup on LOTS of foods. I’m so glad I found this low carb option to help me cut carbs and sugar on my favorite condiment!

  7. Tamara Drake

    For having no sugar added—it’s surprisingly good! I’ve been used to Heinz—and have become used to the sugar coated sauce which made me — “tongue” blind to the sweetness. Now I know there is a healthier choice! Alterna Sweets opens up the possibilities to treating myself a healthy choice. I’ve just made another favorite meal with Alterna Sweets. And most the family like it! Thank you for this delicious sauce! I like the tang!

  8. Katelyn M (verified owner)

    This is awesome ketchup! I loveeeeee ketchup on most of the keto foods I’m eating and was having a very hard time not having my Heinz sugar filled ketchup. I am so happy I found this product, It absolutely fills that void for me! I highly recommend!

  9. Taylor

    This is the first low carb condiment I’ve found that is actually awesome. All the others have too much of an artificial after taste. This one is great lower carb replacement for regular ketchup. the barbecue is good too. Want to try the spicy ketchup next

  10. ketoshenanigans

    Phenomenal ketchup! No weird aftertaste. Perfection!

  11. Mariana Kvalvik (verified owner)

    Simply the best. My husband is sensitive to the stevia taste and even he loves these sauces! So delicious, we keep ordering again and again. Great company with amazing customer service.

  12. regoman (verified owner)

    You will not be sorry! I have been keto for awhile so I happy to have an alternative ketchup that I could use guilt free. My surprise came when my 8 year old daughter who loves ketchup with everything, absolutely loved it. She said she would try it and in her words “this is the best ketchup I have ever had” and we all know kids are the best gauge for honest feedback!

  13. Dieselmom34

    This ketchup is wonderful. I am on a keto diet and shied away from Red Robin Restaurants for my favorite lettuce wrapped burgers and now I can take this along and use it instead. It is just right! It is a good enough ketchup for anyone wanting to avoid a lot of sugar.

  14. Dawn Brosius

    I’m a newly-diagnosed diabetic (age 60) and tracking my glycemic load. This product is a lifesaver for me; the taste is great and it does NOT negatively affect my blood sugar level. It is low in carbs and helps me in my battle to get (and keep) the weight down.

  15. Nate

    I’ve tried a few different Keto ketchups and Alterna Sweet’s is by far my favorite. I haven’t had ketchup in so long that some of the others I’ve tried were much too sweet. Alterna’s has just the right sweetness and thickness that I’ve become accustomed to with unsweetened ketchup. Tastes fantastic!

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