Fun Healthy Ketchup Recipes to Try at Home

Organic Red Tomato KetchupWhen you think about your top 5 favorite condiments, there’s a good chance that ketchup is probably up there in one of the top spots. If it’s not, you need to check your condiment priorities.

Ketchup is so much more than just a topping or a dipping sauce. In fact, it’s been used as a component in a wide variety of recipes for many, many years. We’re talking decades, people!

Are you looking to spice up some of your favorite recipes with this great ingredient? Or, perhaps you want to try a few new recipes which are sure to give you a new respect for this favored condiment.

For a few great healthy ketchup recipes involving this sacred sauce, simply scroll on.

Notes on Keto Friendly Substitutions: We understand not all our customers are on a ketogenic or similar diet. However, if you are a keto-er (as a lot of our customers are) or someone who requires sugar free meals, some of these recipes require modification. We’re a big fan of tweaking your favorite recipes to make them lower carb and keto friendly. It’s not hard to do!


Cauliflower Wing Sampler

What’s a totally tasty, healthy vegetarian alternative to chicken wings for game day or your next party? Cauliflower wings, of course! These can be done with a few different seasonings (like buffalo, for example), but we like this recipe because it gives us the option to do one of our favorite things: try a bunch of different dipping sauces.

Seriously, just how tempting does that healthy ketchup Cajun-infused buffalo sauce sound?! Cauliflower wings are a great, low-carb, healthy option – and they’re tasty too! And, the cauliflower wing sampler recipe also offers a vegan sauce option, so there’s truly something for everyone. Carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike!

Make it for your next big game day, and you can thank us later for the recommendation.

Chicken Yakisoba

For the poultry (and noodle) fans, this chicken yakisoba recipe is a surefire way to satisfy. It’s packed with ramen noodles, chicken, and vegetables like carrot, onion, broccoli, and cabbage. And to top it all off? There’s a tangy, sweet, ketchup-y sauce, too!

It’s fairly simple to make, and from start to finish only takes about 30 minutes. You’ll be satisfied with this hearty meal in little to no time. And did we mention that it’s only $0.94 cents a serving, too?!

Tangy Baked Apples

Looking for something a little more unique? Why not try these tangy baked apples? The natural sweetness of the apple paired with savory ketchup and spicy horseradish will certainly thrill those who are lucky enough to taste this dish. All you need to do is combine the ingredients, place 2 TBSP on top of each apple half – and bake.

Try These Healthy Ketchup Recipes Today

Surely you now know that you don’t have to settle for just using ketchup as a topping for your burger or fries. There are so many more great recipes and dishes it can play a part in. All you need to do is be a little creative and open-minded. Trying something new never hurt anyone, did it? If you’re looking for a great low-carb ketchup to use in these recipes that are in line with your Keto, Paleo, or another diet, check out our products. And, if for some silly reason you’re not a ketchup fan, we’ve got BBQ, too!

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