Eliminate Sugar, Even When Dining Out

So, you want to eliminate sugar. Now what?

How are you ever going to dine out when you’re getting healthy and cutting sugar from your diet? What about Taco Tuesday with your friends?? What about date night!?

Relax. You don’t need to pack your own low carb, sugar free meals everywhere you go. You can leave your kitchen and still eat healthy.

We promise. We’ll show you how.

At AlternaSweets, we have over fifteen years combined experience enjoying low carb, ketogenic eating. Plus, we all love to dine out, so we’ve learned simple ways to overcome the challenges of eating at restaurants.

You want to enjoy going out to dinner while still sticking to your new, healthy way of eating, right?

We’ve gathered our best dining out tips.

eBook DiningOutDownload our free e-Book, Six Foolproof Ways To Stick To Your Low Sugar Diet When Dining Out

With our tips, you’ll become a pro at navigating menus. You won’t have to turn down dinner dates or feel awkward when you order. Best of all – you’ll be keeping your commitment to yourself and your healthy food choices!

In our free e-book we cover:

  • Misleading names used to hide sugar – some you’ve never heard of!
  • Key questions to ask when dining out to avoid hidden sugars, carbs and starches
  • Know exactly what to do when your server seems clueless about the menu
  • Learn shocking ways restaurants may hide carbs and sugars
  • The best go-to meals (that you’ll actually enjoy eating!) for almost any restaurant
  • Tried and true ways to plan ahead so you can order without stalling the whole table

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