AlternaSweets & Jimmy Moore | KetoCon 2018 (Will You Be There?)

AlternaSweets will be attending KetoCon 2018 in Austin Texas June 15-17th. We’re partnering with Jimmy Moore of LivinLaVidaLowCarb. He discovered our Stevia Sweetened keto ketchup at last year’s KetoCon and loves it.  “This is the best ketchup on the planet. I buy it by the case.” — Jimmy Moore Jimmy will have his latest book on sale. We’ll have …

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3 Fabulously Healthy Toddler Meals

3 Fabulously Healthy Toddler Meals Are you looking for healthy toddler meals? If so, this blog post is a must-read. Click here for more details! Most people know that eating fish is good for brain development but a recent study in Scientific Reports also shows that children who eat fish also sleep better. Having some knowledge of …

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AlternaSweets Spicy Ketchup Available For Pre-Order

AlternaSweets Introduces Spicy Ketchup

AlternaSweets, a locally owned, Washington company just announced it’s new Stevia Sweetened Spicy Ketchup is available for pre-order. The company has been selling Stevia sweetened Sweet and Smokey BBQ and Classic Tomato Ketchup since 2012. AlternaSweets Classic Tomato Ketchup quickly became Amazon’s Choice on Customers requested a spicy version of the ketchup and AlternaSweets delivered. 


“The feedback on our first two products has been overwhelmingly positive. We love providing options for people on low sugar diets. Our Stevia sweetened Spicy Ketchup is the first of several new sauces we have lined up for the new year.” said McGuire, the company founder and CEO.


AlternaSweets Spicy Ketchup has only 1 net carb, 5 calories and no artificial ingredients. It’s perfect for low sugar diets, ketogenic and Paleo eating plans.


“I was lucky enough to be a taste tester for the Spicy Ketchup. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for it to be available. My husband and I can’t get enough! It’s the perfect blend of spices. It takes my food to a whole new level.” – Susan R. customer

Is Ketchup Making Us Sick? A nutritional comparison of 7 national ketchup brands [Infographic]

Americans Eat a LOT Of Ketchup


Visit any home kitchen in American, and you’ll likely find a bottle of ketchup. Ketchup is on the table of nearly every diner and typical American restaurant. We slather it on eggs, meats, potatoes. According to, Americans eat 71 pounds of ketchup every year. That’s a lot of freakin’ ketchup!


Most Ketchup Is Loaded With Carbs and Sugar

The average national brand of ketchup contains about between 8-10 grams of sugar – per 2 tablespoon serving. That’s 2.5 teaspoons of sugar in that one little serving of ketchup. And let’s be honest, most of us don’t eat only a single serving at a ketchup friendly meal.


Excess Sugar Is Poisoning Us


Sugar consumption in America is out of control. SugarScience conducted a review of 8,000 sugar studies. These studies find that sugar is clearly linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease and metabolic disorders.

Excess sugar is wreaking havoc on our health.

Most ketchup is loaded with it.

Why are we feeding this to our kids?


Eliminate Sugar, Even When Dining Out

So, you want to eliminate sugar. Now what?

How are you ever going to dine out when you’re getting healthy and cutting sugar from your diet?

What about Taco Tuesday with your friends??

What about date night!?


Relax. You don’t need to pack your own low carb, sugar free meals everywhere you go. You can leave your kitchen and still eat healthy.


We promise. We’ll show you how.